People are central to sustainability; we hold rich and different perspectives about the state of the environment and natural resources, and what we can and should (or not) do about them. These different perspectives are full of ingenuity, passion, creativity and other assets that if skillfully harnessed can unlock even the most difficult of sustainability challenges. But, what often emerges out of the interplay of these different perspectives is complex, appears conflicting and is difficult to understand and hence deploy toward attaining sustainability goals.  This is mostly because the content of emergent perspectives are not always well-organized; that content often lacks structure which unnecessarily undermines pro-sustainability efforts.

The mission of the Northwest Environmental Forum is to create well-defined structures of what emerges from the interaction of different perspectives and to make those structures useful to efforts aimed at addressing sustainability issues.  We aim to nudge actions that help tackle sustainability issues within the entire urban-wildland gradient of the Pacific Northwest.

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